Dewa Athena

Hi guyss..  I’m back with  my story about Dewa Athena on last Saturday.

Last Saturday,  my school held one of an annual school event. The event is called Dewa Athena. This is a sport team competition for all class 10th  grade in my school. Dewa Athena also held for 11th grade on Friday. Many kind of sport competition was held, such as basketball, volley, dodge ball, football, shuttle run, badminton, gobak sodor, and many more. This event was held for two days, they are March 25th and April 1st.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend Dewa Athena on the first day, because I was sick. I’ve already feel bad from the last Friday. Last Friday, I went to Lazismu, the house of zakat for doing the task group with my friends.   After that, we had lunch at restaurant ‘Pa Ndut’. My stomach feel bad at that time, but luckily I brought my stomachache medicine. So, immediately I ate the medicine and continued my lunch. We went home at around 2 p.m.

At home, my stomach hurts again. The pain was getting pea…

My Gratitude

I'm gonna tell you about my gratitude for someone who the most precious person in my life. The person goes to my mom. I believe that every person in the world had mother who loved her children, but it is just  the different way to show their love, as well as my mother. She is the best woman in the world.

When I was a child, I thought that my mom is very grumpy person. She would scold my sister and I when we got a bad score. Once when I was in first year in kindergarten, my mother came home to finish the housework. The distance of my home and the school is quite far. When the school ended, I realized that my mom was not in my school. Usually, when the school ended my mom waited in front of my class. At that time I panicked and looked for my mom while crying. I was screaming 'Mom.. mom' so loudly until one of security approached me. The situation became crowded. All thought there was a serious accident, but it was just a little girl who was left by her mother. After some tim…